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Introducing Conveyor

Build self-updating desktop app packages in minutes.

Package for every OS from any OS.

Platform native packages, fully signed and notarized.

Electron, JVM and native.

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Making apps simple for robotics, GIS, adtech and more

Clean and simple configuration with support for GUI, CLI and server apps.

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Build it locally

No messing with CI or VMs. Build on your own laptop, fully signed and notarized.

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Electron support

Package Electron apps from your laptop. No need for custom update servers.

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JVM integration

Create GUIs with JetPack Compose, JavaFX or Swing, all with pauseless GC.

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Parallel and incremental builds let you rapidly iterate on your package.

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Free for open source

Update installs using GitHub Releases. Self-sign without certificates.

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Next-gen Windows installs

Conveyor creates MSIX packages with a simple installer wrapper. Packages are kept up to date in the background by Windows itself, support delta updates and can reuse downloaded blocks from all packages on the system. That means if your user has already installed an app using a similar runtime as yours only the difference will be downloaded, so installs and upgrades can be lightning fast. MSIX packaged apps run containerized but not sandboxed, so you have full access to the Windows API with clean uninstalls. Command line apps are automatically added to the path of any running terminal session. IT departments will love you: MSIX is fully integrated with Active Directory, InTune and other Windows network administration tools.

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A tool with powerful features

Conveyor is a tool, not a service. You benefit from parallel, incremental builds, privacy, control, no outages and a from-scratch build takes only two minutes, with most of that time being downloads and waiting for Apple to notarize the app. Making a change and rebuilding a non-notarized app or package takes only seconds, because the intermediate stages are cached.

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Pure Mac with Sparkle updates

Conveyor Mac packages use the popular Sparkle 2 framework. Apps come in a zip that browsers automatically extract, allowing the user to start the app immediately without a slow DMG mounting and unmounting process. Updates are downloaded quietly in the background, and IT admins can update the app externally using the Sparkle CLI tooling, without needing to start the app up.

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Users sharing their experience

Conveyor was the perfect solution for our needs of distributing self-updating desktop apps. The support we received was prompt and reliable.

Thomas Aaeng

Developer, FeltGIS

Conveyor is the first packaging and signing solution that we actually found pleasant to use! We use it for many robotics applications, from simple CLI tools to complex GUIs.

Florian Enner

Cofounder, HEBI Robotics

I've enjoyed working with Conveyor more than I thought I would. Using it becomes a no-brainer once you start to deal with the complexities of shipping a desktop application with a VM.


Cofounder, AdCentral

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