During the introductory period Conveyor is free for everyone.
The following pricing plans will be offered afterwards.
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Open source

Any project released under an OSI-approved license can use Conveyor gratis.


(all prices exclude VAT)

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Support and updates are included during the subscription period.

per block of 3 apps

(all prices exclude VAT)

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Unlimited projects. Full source code access.
Modify the product as you see fit for private usage.


(all prices exclude VAT)

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The Source plan but with the ability to resell your changed version as a SaaS.

Contact us

(all prices exclude VAT)

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Conveyor pays off quickly! After only one working day you've probably spent more on software engineering wages than a standard license. It will certainly take more time than that to do packaging by hand over the lifetime of your project, and that's ignoring the opportunity cost of features you could have been adding instead.

(calculation: average hourly rate in the USA = $35 * 8 hour day * 2 for full cost loading = $560)